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i love this man like you wouldn't believe

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Why does he trigger metal chuds?
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Political views and music

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I saw an archived thread of this type and I wanted to make a thread just like that, I changed a few things like the link to the test to another one that is generally considered better but it's basically the same thing, it goes like this:

>go to
>take the test and post results along with your top 5 albuns and/or songs

I'll start:
1- One-X - Three Days Grace
2- Unleashed - Skillet
3- Nameless World - Skip the Use
4- The Dying Song - Slipknot
5- Industry Baby - Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow

>P.S. I just did the test again a few minutes before making this thread and I swear to god I don't know how I got center left I've always considered myself a left-libertarian.
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I remember when this board was fast as shit. Now it's slow and only garbage threads get replies. What the fuck happened?
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METALLICA getting CANCELLED by Tik Toker due to racism and anti-semitism in the past

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You live in an age where fucking Metallica's about to be cancelled by TikTok. Ponder on that a little bit.

>"And starting off with a bang, there is their anti-Semitism. First, there's this picture of Hetfield and Ulrich doing a nazi salute. More recently, Hetfield plays on this guitar that contains Iron Crosses. And if you don't know, Iron Crosses are neo-nazi dog-whistle symbols."

>"Then there's also the fact that he hung out with Kerry King, this Aryan Brotherhood-looking motherfucker right here, who is obviously very proud to be wearing a confederate flag."
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Voyage of the Acolyte

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This is a Genesis album in everything but name. Collins on drums and vocals. Rutherford on bass but no Tony Banks. What's /mu/s opinion of this album? Was there some sort of unspoken rivalry between Banks and Hackett? Although Genesis had some prog moments after Hackett, I can't help but think he took the prog with him when he quit the band when I listen to this.

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visual kei is secretly pretty lit, you lied to me /mu/
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Post your music, I want to hear it all
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>I told nikki sixx this is some strong stuff but he wanted to be mr tough guy, this shit you dont want to play tough with. Nobody beat him up with a baseball bat and left him for dead in an alleyway we slapped the shit out of him to wake him up and then carrying his fat tub of lard body to the bathtub to revive him.

>The Dirt is shit we were in a cramped up small crap hole apartment the night razzle got killed sami yaffa was passed out on the couch and me and tommy were drinking doing bumps and Vince's pregnant wife was there, there were no heather locklear or mansion at that time