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ITT: times p44k was dead wrong

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they seriously fucked up on this one
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Is that Godspeed You! Black Emperor I hear?
Turn that shit WAY UP my dude!
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The single most overrated ""artist"" in history

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What a snorefest.
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Requesting pics of Anthony Fantano's strong seven.

Come on /mu/ don't let me down.
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Is their music business course worth it?

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do you use a VPN with soulseek? for downloading, but especially for sharing.
currently considering cancelling my spotify sub and spending the money on a VPN instead and downloading everything from ss.

can i skip the VPN all together, or is it better to be safe?
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IIT post females affiliated with music that have hit the wall

WHAT IS THE WALL? The wall is the rapid deterioration of a female's physical beauty once her fertility starts declining (usually after 30). It can be delayed by good genes, and it can be hastened by substance abuse or/and unhealthy diet
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deep internet/ChronosForLife general

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okay /mu/, some spooky/weird stuff is going on, bear with me.

here's the first "deep internet" thread:

one of the videos in the first post was this one:

here's the transcript of that video the anon made in the first thread that sparked my interest:

if you notice, chronosforlife points out that he's "never been diagnosed with any mental illness", and seems pretty lucid and eloquent. and here's where things get kind of nuts, after the thread's been up for a couple hours the guy notices that his view count has gone from 0, to 200+, and makes this video:

in the video's text he refers to something called "eratas" or "erratas". after some googling and finding nothing for either spelling (just the dictionary definitions of "errata" and a safety company called "eratas"), i decided randomly a few hours later to look in the rebeccablacktech archives for the word. "eratas" with one R returned no results, but "erratas" brought up exactly three posts, one of which was this one:

>Erratas or bust!
>What does that mean? I think I remember Erratas being some software company in the 2000s like Enron who fired all their employees or some shit.

(continued in next post)
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holy shit...

/gg/ Guitar General

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