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>be in my final year of a liberal arts degree
>been listening to loveless/slowdive/surface level shoegaze for decades
>Have my home audio set up right behind me with loveless behind the record player
>a girl I know sees my camera during our online class
>proceeds to tweet about me listening to male manipulator music

Im tired
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Dont ya know he's teasing a new album?
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>(taylor’s version)
People are not really falling for this cheap woe-was-me marketing ploy are they?

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2000 Patrick Bateman listened to Huey Lewis and the News, Phil Collins, and Whitney Houston. What would 2020 Patrick Bateman listen to?
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Zenjin - Pseudoscorpion

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/x/fag here.

So some of you might remember a small buzz a few years ago in the obscure music/mystery communities of 4chan and Reddit about an album called Pseudoscorpion, by the mysterious and unknown "Zenjin." I discovered the mystery in the comments section of a Youtube video related to Peter Scully, notorious child predator who made various snuff films and other illegal content. The album supposedly contains audio samples from his videos and other deep web shit, but I haven't found much information regarding it besides a few archived threads here, where some say it's an urban legend. But I decided to look into the mystery again today and found a fairly recent Reddit thread where a user named u/HereIsAnAlbum posted a mediafire link to what he says is the real deal.

My normie ass isn't touching the guy's link with a 10 foot pole, but if any of you brave souls want to confirm it's real shit, feel free to reply.
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Why are white women so terrible at music?

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Black and asian women have made great music. White men have made great music. But white women? A great album has NEVER come from a white woman. Why is this?
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So I don't really listen to this Lil Nas X nigga, as I'm not really into tik tok pop music, but I decided to check out that montero shit since everyone is talking about it and I'm kind of out of the loop.

Nigga... wtf is this shit??? I don't even know what to say. There is something very wrong in the mind of this fag. What's with all that weird sexual imagery? Bro that shit lowkey seems like some fucking satanic shit.

So at the beginning he kisses lucifer in the form of the serpent of Eden. Then he ends up in some Greco-Roman arena with a bunch of faggoty wig-having ass niggas pointing fingers at him. Then I guess he dies. Then he goes to hell and... he teases satan? And gives him a lap dance? Then he kills him and becomes satan? Wtf is this shit?

I used to be into illuminati conspiracy theories as a teen. Back in the days, you could say we were crazy because the satanic imagery was still lowkey and whether or not it was satanic was kind of subjective. I mean every checkerboard isn't necessarily satanic you feel me? Even if that's a masonic symbol. Jay Z ain't necessarily a satanist because he does a triangle with his hands. But that, it's like this satanic music industry doesn't give a fuck anymore. They are not subtle about it anymore. They are very open about it actually. It's so in your face.

What shocks me is that his audience consists mostly of kids on tik tok. That generation is fucked up bruh. I don't know what kind of perspective of the world I would have had now if the shit I watched as a teen was some faggoty ass nigga teasing satan. At this point if I ever get children I'm moving the fuck out of America and the West in general. Especially if it's a daughter. Maybe imma go to Jamaica since I have family there, and since faggotery is still not tolerated in our culture.
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Is it bots?

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How does she have so many ratings on rym? Never seen anyone mention her anywhere
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