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Is anyone planning to disrupt the AnCo stream when they play their latest album? I was thinking of a DDOS or something of the sort to try and crash it.

If that doesn't happen, I'm hoping for the servers crashing on their own from a flood of p4k drones.
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ITT pls rec albums for listening in the dark very late on hot summer nights
I have spent many sticky summer nights on 4channel while listening to picrel, the artwork looks beautiful on a brightly lit computer screen in a dark room
Some others are Bitches Brew, Blues At Midnight by Jimi Hendrix, Jessica Rabbit by Sleigh Bells, Parisian Sketches by Max Roach, actually a lot of jazz tbf
Anyways please rec me as much shit with this vibe as you can thx
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International Music

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I saw a thread yesterday flaming Turkey for having no good music. Some people posted decent music and I searched for some more.

Post international music you like.
State what country the music is from.

Here are some songs I like:
Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz - Razıyım

Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz - Gel Demedim ki

Cem Adrian & Hande Mehan - Sen Benim Şarkılarımsın

Erol Evgin - İşte Öyle Bir Şey
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ITT: times p44k was dead wrong

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they seriously fucked up on this one
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The single most overrated ""artist"" in history

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What a snorefest.
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Requesting pics of Anthony Fantano's strong seven.

Come on /mu/ don't let me down.
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Is their music business course worth it?

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do you use a VPN with soulseek? for downloading, but especially for sharing.
currently considering cancelling my spotify sub and spending the money on a VPN instead and downloading everything from ss.

can i skip the VPN all together, or is it better to be safe?
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IIT post females affiliated with music that have hit the wall

WHAT IS THE WALL? The wall is the rapid deterioration of a female's physical beauty once her fertility starts declining (usually after 30). It can be delayed by good genes, and it can be hastened by substance abuse or/and unhealthy diet
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holy shit...