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Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly (explicit)
>rap, potential AOTY!2htAEabA!jVVMMNTabVM2D2la_DxVMbBzay8Euix9c2p5dimo4FA

Downloaded from Google Play

enjoy moo
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/mu/ BTFO
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>My niggas ain't got no daddy, grow up overcompensatin'
>Learn shit 'bout bein' a man and disguise it as bein' gangsta
>I love my father for tellin' me to take off the gloves
>'Cause everything he didn't want was everything I was
>And to my partners that figured it out without a father
>I salute you, may your blessings be neutral to your toddlers
>It's crucial, they can't stop us if we see the mistakes
>'Til then, let's give the women a break, grown men with daddy issues;
do you love you dad or have daddy issues /mu/?
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What's he thinking?

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This just might be one of the best albums I've ever heard in my life, regardless of genre. The production, the lyricism, atmosphere, the interludes, the 'world' this album feels like you're existing in when it's playing.

A total feast, which means a lot to digest. Kendrick gets a lot off of his chest here, touching on subjects from cancel culture, people faking being overly sensitive and offended, toxic women, fake victimhood, etc, etc. Will be interesting to see the reaction in the hiphop world as well as the media in the following days.

Speaking of sonics and atmosphere, I love the sound of the album as a whole. Lots of piano, choir, those 'tap-dance' + percussion parts. The vocals do not sound harsh or overly compressed, all of it fills the room nicely and never sounds annoying or harsh, the kind of album that is easy to keep on repeat (in my opinion) as it doesn't fatigue the ears at all.

This is all just first impression rambling, so far I've given the album 2 full & focused listenings, but I am 100% completely floored by this release. I already had high expectations based on how much I enjoyed DAMN but he went and took things to a completely different level. There is nobody who can compete with Kendrick right now.

I remember when Lauryn Hill dropped Miseducation back in the day and what a huge moment in the culture that was. This feels like Kendrick has just done the same. This album is a statement if ever there was one, a total hiphop masterpiece and absolutely AOTY, best sweep the Grammys, what else could possibly top this? Get this man another Pulitzer.

Currently listening to Crown... what a fucking beautiful song! The piano and singing.. those lyrics... I already know this album is all I'm listening to for a very long time to come
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is skramz considered emo?

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I just killed another shitty thread


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So what did you think about it?

I think it sounds great but the live versions are still better but that's how radiohead has been since In Rainbows

At least is better than the king of limbs