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ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, alcoholism, drug use, buttchugging, legwear, waifuism, avatarf*gging, armpit & foot worship, MA rina DOOBillie LIPA urorah, hairbrush anal play, meat beating, piss drinking, and the finer details of cum consumption

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Booru link: https://wpop.booru.org/

Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUjdiDeJ0xg

-a Coomnami would destroy several cities
-someone needs to pay a bunch of random asian boys to impersonate BTS and attract a bunch of girls. i wanna see how many of them can actually tell they're not the real group.
-we just talk about pop music and flirt with each other
-Dua Liipa was a waitress before she was a pop star
-Billie Eilish was a little girl before she was showing off her boobs on Vogue

1) Don't worry, it's just fiction.
2) We just talk about pop music and flirt with each other.
3) No one on /wpop/ likes Ph**** Br******