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Best albums 2021 so far?

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This board enjoys shitting on lots of music, and generally has a pretty negative tendency. What are some great albums this year? Or some albums you have enjoyed? Whats ur aoty so far?
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what are some songs/albums that deal with being ugly? mainly the feeling of knowing you will have a harder life than others just because of the structure of your face
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Billie Eilish tries and fails to be Abigail Thorne(Philosophy Tube) for 19 minutes straight

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Pick a side anon.
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This is 20 years old today. Say something nice about it.


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Am i wrong for thinking hes absolute garbage?
Am i missing something? People (non 4chan browsers) keep recommending his shit to me.
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What instrument do you play /mu/?

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I played Alto Sax in my band 2nd chair in middle school and onward. Took a basic piano class at university and have been teaching myself guitar.
I don't have my alto anymore but really want to buy a tenor. Having been in a music education system has really given me a lot and I tend to get high and mighty about other people's musical opinions based on if they have ever put effort into a preformance
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DJ Cuckademiks

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This clown just said that rappers like Lil Tecca, YBN Nahmir or Lil Pump are washed up and nobody listens to them because back in 2018 being a studio gangsta was acceptable but now in 2021 we have REAL GANGSTAZ!!! like Pooh Shiesty and shit like that won’t fly in the current 2021 climate
Is there someone in the music industry with more low IQ opinions than Akademiks other than Fantano (yes this is a stealth Fantano thread, fuck jannies they won’t read this far) ?
What physically pains me is his smugness he’s the prime example of the Dunning-Kruger effect and he constantly talks like he’s your elder and some omegabrain Rap historian and industry insider with sacred knowledge when even a 15 year old white girl who listens to nothing but Drake could process the same information better
Have you seen his Adam22 livestream fiasco?
He’s what happens when bullying victims don’t kill themselves and instead somehow gain overconfidence just like Fantano but Akademiks is thousand times worse than Fantano (again as I already said fuck discussing Akademiks this is not a thread about him let’s all just hate on Anthony Fantano in the comments down below)
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