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An Ungodly Saturday Morning Hours Edition

Let's try to keep these at the ten minute mark or shorter, but otherwise post whatever the hell you want.

I'll let the first non-OP fellow link the first track.
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post the spottemgottem pasta itt RIGHT NOW


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post albums that make you feel the happiest
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Songs while learning moonspeak?

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>3 big songs
>all 3 of them "I cry because I miss my ex boyfriend"

I hate women so much it's unreal
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Songs to play when 4chan eventually dies
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I wanna start making music for people who are born with severely depleted dopamine
but where do I start how do I start from literal scratch?
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What do you think about this song? It's crazy, weird, like the songs of Lady Gaga and Billie Elish! https://youtu.be/wbQsxWKfTSU
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I feel so old ;_;
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What are the weirdest song lyrics you've ever heard?
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