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How did she get so big?

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Is this worth listening to? I saw it's 6 hours long, but the band seems cool.

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Post artists where it was literally down hill since the beginning
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Is there an industrial rock album as abrasive and layered as The Downward Spiral?
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Why do people think it's okay to come to /mu/ and talk about shit like Bladee and Black Midi? Has the old guard been overrun by zoomers? I see less and less people calling others out for having shit taste. These faggots would have been laughed out the door back in the day and come back with better taste because of it. Now all I see are tourists never progressing their taste past a 14-16 year old level because they all pat each other on the back for having the same shitty taste in music.
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Post your favorite INFP artists
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