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the obscurity game

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OK hipsters of /mu/ here's how we're gonna play this game. 9-album topster collage. You start with 9 points and lose a point every time someone recognizes an album. Honor system. No using the same artist twice. Aaaaaand go.
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Itt: terrible music videos made for good songs
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The Changeling sounds so fucking good
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/prod/ - Music Production General

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New to production? See: https://pastebin.com/p2QUqMzj

Post what you're looking for in feedback. Be specific if possible.
GIVE feedback to GET feedback.
PLEASE ignore tripfags and attention seekers

Post WIP's on Vocaroo*. You may NOT link to Soundclouds, Bandcamp - there are dedicated threads for posting them and anything resembling self promotion will result in bad feedback.

The state of discussion about all music making and audio topics is terrible here on /mu/, and we definitely need a dedicated board.
Here's the full argument for it:
If you like the idea, let 4chan know @ https://4channel.org/feedback (under Board Suggestion)

In the meantime check out our /prod/ board:

*You can also upload your tracks directly to the feedback thread on filtered.fm and link them here.
On top of the easy free hosting you get feedback on both sites.

>Mixing and Mastering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHxMsawJsTc&feature=youtu.be

Mixing Engineers Handbook: https://mega.nz/#!YUkgCJpR!bTX1gzqhD7fozTipk4XsRNiWQmHQXBx0T4pHMRvaURw
The Secret of the Mastering Engineer, Bob Katz: https://mega.nz/#!ZAE2EBCb!r0Hf0gho8pL7BlBJ6-6rJznB9SEhCG31NzNJUJX34tU
Audio Engineering and Acoustics ebook bundle: https://mega.nz/#!wEVAVbgB!hwd7vmzaZ9C6wAnVbqIQt37pNUpfpn0t2ecSjZGRNe4

>Theory and Composition:
Music theory for musicians and normal people:
tl:dr Music Theory:

>Synthesizers and synthesis:

Free VSTs:
Other VSTs:

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I inherently have no life edition
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Who was more chad?
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Personal taste aside, what is the greatest song of all time? Is it A Day in the Life? Good Vibrations? "Heroes"? Paranoid Android?
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Steve's sound does not come from the harmonic percolators, you fucking faggots.

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Have any of you misinformation spreading faggots ever listened to what a harmonic percolator sounds like? Like a normal fucking fuzz pedal.


Does that sound anything like the tone in "Song of the Minerals?" "Billiard Player's Song?" "My Black Ass?" No, it fucking doesn't. It sounds like a goddamn fuzz pedal. Do you know where fuzz sounds show up in Steve's playing? Only when he needs feedback, in "Crow" and in "Doris," among other songs.

>aluminum necks
don't come into play until Shellac, and don't do anything to your sound you can't compensate for with a modicum of EQ. But hey, you can still hear that starved, metallic quality in Rapeman and Big Black, can't you? What gives?

Say it with me. A big part of Steve's sound comes from the IVP Intersound. The IVP Intersound. IVP Intersound. It's a solid state mic preamp with a weird "tube circuit" that doesn't include tubes nor sounds like them but makes sounds that make white boys coom their pants.

Here is what a clone of the IVP Intersound sounds like, because they don't go for sale very often anymore and they're expensive because everyone who isn't retarded knows exactly what they're for. They're for sounding like Steve.


I hope I never see one of you faggots suck off the harmonic percolator again. It makes me so god damn mad!!!
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