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90s Edgelord edition

ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, alcoholism, drug use, buttchugging, legwear, waifuism, avatarf*gging, armpit & foot worship, MA rina DanzOOBillie lipA urorah, hairbrush anal play, meat beating, piss drinking, and the finer details of cum consumption

Previous thread:

Thread theme: https://youtu.be/XVON0vP8k4s

-The Latest in Pop Music-
-New Caroline Polachek (July 14th): https://youtu.be/yQ5y2GMVVNQ
New CHVRCHES *July 15th): https://youtu.be/du4kNAyjVCg
-New Clairo (July 15th): https://youtu.be/i_1lXwpuZMk
-New Lil Mariko (July 16th): https://youtu.be/qtjdI0baXfY
-New Lorde (July 21st): https://youtu.be/V_A20lBsBMM
-New Kanye tomorrow (July 22, 8PM EST)

-new Kanye tomorrow
-I hate danz
-I love danz
-AP mauled the haters!
-I love milk
-Dorian scares me!
-I am going to dress up as Dorian for Halloween to scare anon
-/wpop/ users eat toast with ketchup
-i had a dream i got gangstalked last night
-I want all my clothes designer, I want someone else to buy em, if I cannot get it RIGHT NOW, I DON'T WANT IT I DON'T WANT IT I DON'T WANT IT AT ALL
-I'm drubk

1) Don't worry, it's just fiction
2) We just talk about pop music and flirt with each other
3) We don't hate pop stars, just the posters
4) Swifties are Tayzos, Tayzos are Tayzos.
5) I love her!
6) We engage in a moderate amount of tomfoolery.