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Official petition to rename this board from /q/ - 4chan Feedback to /q/ - Evicted shitposter shelter.

There is no feedback being given on the 4chan feedback board. The ONLY things being discussed are:

2- Other boards butthurt about /pol/
3- /pol/ butthurt about other boards
4- "Y WUZ BAND? I ONLY POAST ONE SHIT. SHIT JANITORS ARE SHIT.." and similar shitposters asking why they were banned for obvious shitposting

I visit /q/ fairly regularly, and the last time I saw real 4chan feedback was a few days ago talking about bugs. That's feedback. Prior to that, it was quite some time ago. This board exists only to give banned shitposters a soapbox until their ban expires.
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4chan Pass Issue?

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>To avoid any interruption, we recommend renewing your Pass now. Renewing your Pass will add 12
additional months to your current expiration date.

>add 12
additional months to your current expiration date

Just renewed and the expiration date changed to 09/17/14.
My current pass was supposed to be valid until 9/20/14, according to the renew prompt email.

I want my pennies back.
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[s4s] Post Timer

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Het mot, I'm sure you have a reason for the 1 minute timer between posts. But [s4s] doesn't really need it and it's really slowing down my funposting on [s4s] as well as how hard I can kek in kek threads. Can [s4s] please have it's timer reverted back to 30 seconds? 1 minute isn't really necessary for us. Thank you for your time.
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Reporting as a downvote

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>somebody says something you dislike
Why has this mentality become commonplace? It needs to stop.
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Moderation in /tg/

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Greetings staff, just wanted to thank you for the increased janitor presence on /tg/. It's a joy to see that the clever rusemeisters that used to pervade the board are finally getting cleared out one by one. Here's hoping the next Janitor drive has a lot of viable applicants so your job gets easier.
Keep up the good work, and thanks again.

Just an idea for 4chan's 10th anniversary

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Moot, please implement a 'thumbs up' and 'thumb down' rating system for 4chan.

Other websites had it, it can make easier to read a lot of anonymous comments, and also hide those unfavorable comments.
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>all that porn on /b/

Just give us dubs back. It may just stop /b/ from being 90% porn

Let's make it rain, bitches

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ITT : We make moot rich

>Release 4chan Cool Down - allows you to post in 20 seconds instead of 60 - 20$ / year

>Release 4chan Janitor Pack - allows you to post on janitor's board and full janitor power on one board of your choosing - 20$ / month

>Release 4chan Mod Pack - allows you to post on mod's board, mod IRC account and full mod power on all boards - 80$/ month

>Release 4chan Shitposter Pack - you won't be banned from "lower than 1 month" ban
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4chan.net has been kidnapped by DNHQ.

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4chan.net is being held hostage by the evil organization DNHQ for a ransom of 20,000 USD.

Are you a bad enough dude to rescue 4chan.net?
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