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Post cooldown time

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When did the post cooldown time change to 60 seconds and why?


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I'm curious... I've seen the question pop up a few times in the past about making a board for business/finance and maybe I just missed the answer during those times. Saw a few people ask about it on the last Q&A but it doesn't seem to have gotten any answers. I'm not requesting that one be made. Just wanted to know if this ever came up for discussion and was shot down or not.
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Post timers?

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Did you guys up the wait in between posts or something? It's really hindering my ability to dump my Asuka folder on /a/.

You are denying best girl attention, moot. Why have you done this?
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Repost timers going to 1min

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Is this a bug or is this a permanent change?

Kinda sucks on porn boards. Would appreciate a reason if this was deliberate?
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I demand compensation

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Moot. Your janitor bit me.

Get rid of /lgbt/ and /mlp/

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The title speaks for itself. 4chan is already degenerate enough as it is. We do not need pockets of jewry in our glorious bastion of free speech.
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The National League on /sp/ instead of /asp/

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OK /q/

I don't really complain that much but here it goes:

I frequent /sp/, I love /sp/. I love the gamethreads, the /hoc/ general, even the absolute idiot tripfags are more enjoyable than other boards. The late night shitposting like >tfw no gf isn't bad, I don't know why people got so analravaged about it; hell, I even am tolerant of the professional wrestling threads that happen once a week.

There is one broken link in this chain on spee however that just isn't qualified to be here.

National League gamethreads.

I know Moot already tried addressing the NLfags when he made /asp/ however they STILL don't post their quad-A gamethreads on that board. They continue to spam /sp/ having yet to take 'the hint.'

Look, I don't care if you want to take about your local towns frisbee golf course, or how the latest D-2 team did in lacrosse but know this: there is a board for it. I don't want to hear about the NL because they have consistently proven to show themselves an inferior talent pool that can't get it done against the big boys. The NL may be 'cute' in a Zoey Deschannel 'le quirky spaghetti for breakfast' kind of way but seeing them post every. single. day. like they can even be considered professional baseball has really grinded my gears.


Help moot, you are my only hope.

Pic related: inter-league play records between the NL and the AL. It will be 10 straight years in a month.

I rest my case.
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Ads on 4chan

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Thank you moot for attracting these kind of people to advertise on your website.

/pol/ is being DDOS'd

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I wonder whos doing it?

Also, since /pol/ is being raided constantly, its onoy fair we now raid.

not every thread needs a fucking subject

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[s4s] is being raided by /int/