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Why are the mods/moot trying to bring law and order to boards that are more entertaining without them? Why the fuck does /pol/ have so many rules about posting now? It was (and still is) cancerous but putting up a sticky stopping classic threads from popping up that are actually funny. It's always going to be cancerous, and adding rules on top of rules just makes it less enjoyable. I'm only using /pol/ as an example because it's currently being more and more regulated to the point where 70% of the posts are not apart of the "list of approved topics" so the board has slowed to a crawl. Not to mention that the "approved topics" are not only vague, but also absurd.
>Off-topic and /b/-tier threads will be deleted
>Unless they are quality, well thought out, well written posts
What defines a "/b/-tier" thread? /b/ is the random board, all sorts of shit goes on in there. The quality of the posts aren't left up to the person typing them, but to the mod. This contradicts their belief of freedom of speech- "speak only when appropriate, and only speak about what I want you to speak about" is the gist of the sticky
I, for one, find that free speech is being threatened on the Politics Board.

/a/ Reposts threads (?)

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>I had so high hopes for this series, but it just gets worse and worse with every new episode.

I usually hide these kind of threads and I rarely lurk here so maybe it's an already known issue.
I've noticed that quite a bunch of the posts in there are reposts.

Live example: >>93540138

Post like: >>93540272

or >>93541063

Another thread where an anon points it out

I know they already get deleted, I just wanted to bring this to mods' attention since some threads live long enough to get genuine replies and, well it's kind of stupid to reply to a bot or whatever.
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retarded /tv/ mod general

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>100 breaking bad threads
>no sticky



/tv/ confirmed for trollboard

60 Seconds

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>60 seconds per post now

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Fucking seriously, moot?

Discussion > Feedback, on images

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My pictures folder now has 8000+ images.
I'm now at the point where it takes too long to load them up, and I'm essentially choosing an image at random when I create a new thread.

This provides an interesting sort of roulette, like so.

But the real question, if I'm not banned for posting something NSFW, is are there any good programs that will cycle through and allow you to quickly rename and possibly keyword or move into folders a large list of images?
Every time my pictures folder got too bloated, I'd end up throwing it onto a CD-R or external HD, but I think it's time to stop that.

Consolidate Chicago Burrs Threads in /sp/

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can /sp/ have general threads for the Chicago Burrs?

I'm just so upset that there are so many Chicago Burrs threads on /sp/. I know they're 2-0, but it's going to get worse if they keep winning more and more games until they win the Superb Owl this season.

Reaction Images on /v/

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This is becoming a growing issue where shitposters repeatedly post so called 'reaction images' instead of contribution to worthwhile threads on /v/

for example this thread is literally nothin but shitposting

pic unrelated
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filtering with 4chan X

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Can someone tell me how to filter with 4chan X? The directions they provide aren't really explained clear enough for me. What am I doing wrong in this pic? I want to filter Rate threads on /soc/ for example. And just specifically that board, so when I refresh the catalog the threads are no longer there. What do I need to type in order to successfully do it?