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/tv Needs a /tvg/ Television&Film General

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Much like /v/ before /vg/, /tv/ has quite a few recurring same-topic threads that don't seem to be policed. Currently, Breaking Bad is an example (like, say, Dark Souls was for /v/). At any given time there are around 10 different threads on Breaking Bad, give or take.

My argument is if video games gets an entire general thread on the premise that there are several games that get repeat threads, the same can be said for /tv/ since there are just as man, if not more, movies and tv series as there are video games.

Sticky this thread

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/pol/ here.

Requesting >>>/pol/20640049 to be stickied for all of /pol/ to participate, huge and important topic for the board and it is being slided.

TL;DR making new political ideology that revolves around National Socialism and Libertarianism.

Not asking for a perma-sticky, but maybe up for a day or two to allow enough people to get involved.

Ban Sega from /vr/

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Sega fans are disrupting threads, shitposting, flooding the board, and generally causing shit over at /vr/ even worse than when the ponies were kicked out from /co/, or Naruto was kicked out of /a/.

Can we have an amendment to the rules of /vr/ where all Sega discussion is banned?
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/tv/ sucking very much

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Holy crap, do we have janitors for /tv/? Do we have mods? We certainly have half a dozen new Breaking Bad threads an hour.

/tv/ is sucking very much. Hiding half the threads every time I go on sucks.
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Rearchitecting the 4chans

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moot, have you ever considered getting the whole codebase rewritten?

I know that a proven working codebase is not something to be taken for granted. I also know that users wail and gnash their teeth at the most minor of changes. But I also know that modern code would afford the ability to do so many cool things.

Personally what I would love to see is a new, open-sourced platform to power the anonymous image board format across the Internet and into the future. The 4chan API and open-sourced extension was a real bit of foresight and I'd love to see more of it. I've worked with the various Futaba forks and they're really not much chop. There's a lot of social-network platforms out there, but the anonymous image board format just has no major players besides 4chan. It's such a niche and has so much going for it. You could be a champion for the format itself and not just a single website.

Anyway, just my 2c.
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My post. Correct password.

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Subject Lists on w4c

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Both come up as 403 forbidden, however those are needed to find threads by subject or poster in that Shiichan's built in navigator is too cluttered to work properly.
Please change permissions to those files on all textboards to 755 so that navigation is possible.


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Did the time you have to wait between replies increase? Why?
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/Phil & Religion/

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/Phil & Religion/
Make it happen faggots.

We're tired of shit posting on /pol/, /lit/ and /sci/ all our philosophical and religious debates.

For fuck's sake, we have dead boards like /outdoors/ and /travel/ smarten up.
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