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Stable, Warning and Failed Boards

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How stable are each othe boards? I'll start a list with the ones that I think fit where.



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>accidentally post thread meant for /tv/ on /sp/
>try to delete it
>see pic
I clicked Delete 20-30 times and still CANNOT get rid of the thread

Damn you Moot, fix your stupid coding glitches. /g/ would be ashamed of you.
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The Site That Must Not Be Named: 4chan Vs. Reddit

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Hi there, all. I'm kind of fascinated on the hate I hear from the entire site towards Reddit. Now, I've always blindly accepted you guys' opinion on it, seeing as the front page looks like an unusable piece of trash. However, this video's caused me to think that we really are a lot more similar than we claim to be.

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ID Proposal

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I've got an idea that you're sure to love:

Instead of a bunch of randomly generated characters for an ID, why not have a randomly selected keyword? Imagine how much easier it would be to identify a post by "muffintop" rather than by "iI7fjkJhy". I'm surprised something to this effect wasn't implemented in the first place back when 4chan had IDs.

Discuss this idea in this thread. Also, are you for or against IDs in general?
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Ban request

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Hello mods, can I have a permaban?
moot is a faggot, give me child porn please :^)
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say goodnight

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Any regrets with your nazi mod and power abusing janitor phase moot now that 4chan page views have been dropping steadily over the past year?
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Ecuador's coat of arms in /sp/

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Ecuador's coat of arms is not present in /sp/'s flags when you post. Why is this.


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With all the /pol/ hate, why don't we make a /pol2/ board? Then everyone would be happy.

>/pol/ - Politically Incorrect
>/pol2/ - Politically Correct
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