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>A mod is deleting the greatest goddamn threads of the year on /v/, featuring a shitton of OC, while staying vidya related

I mean, holy hell, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?
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Image recognition

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Hey /q/
Been using this gay ass dating website, which only goal in life is to charge people money for putting them in contact with people showing interest in them. Know some of you are quite good at this, so are you able to find me the email/fb/whatever on this one?
Thanks, btw mods=fags


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Does anyone else find the constant hip hop talk/banter on /mu/ almost exhausting? It just seems to overwhelm the board.
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Are Japanese films /jp/-related?

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The janitors are awfully divided on this, so it would be nice to have some official word from a member of staff.

Japanese drama series seem to be kosher, but what about J-horror, samurai films, kaiju films, and famous directors like Akira Kurosawa? They're Japanese pop culture and some of them are definitely "otaku", but they often attract complaints and it's basically random whether or not they get deleted.
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Feature Request

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>What should go on /q/?
>Feature requests

Hey, Moot, I have one!

I wish...

That /b/ was truly random for one day, and at the same time, no random at all.

I wish that /b/ had a special script, where prunned threads from other boards end up there, as new threads, so /b/ threads could become the result of 4chan board culture.

Prunned threads with reply limit would not get here, only the prunned with very few or no replies.

The trash of one board could become the gold of /b/

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Seperate television and film

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Trying to have a late night film discussion. I can't because there are over 80 threads dedicated to one show.

Why should television and film be conjoined so much as they are? /film/ should be created for a place on 4chan that movie aficionados can finally have proper discussion away from waifu fags and pleb shows like BrBad and Walking Dead.
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I don't know what you're trying to pull with this shit, but you're only hurting legitimate posters with your 60sec post cooldowns.

I already spend more than enough time just waiting for people to reply, now I have to wait twice as long?

There's no way I'd renew my 4chan pass just to not have to type a captcha every 60 seconds.
And you know what the best part is?
There is literally zero disadvantage to sage now, so people are going to start sage downvoting like crazy.
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[s4s] Privelage checking

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There should a check box to click on to check your privilege.
Every post then should then have a mark on it (that would say either 'Privilege checked' or 'Privilege Unchecked') so then we know who checked his privilege and who didn't.
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censorship on /pol/

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I didn't make this thread but I'm using it as an example. It was deleted a few minutes ago.

Can you janitors stop deleting threads? It's fucking annoying and it keeps happening over and over. Go ahead and remove obvious troll and spam threads but god damn get a fucking clue and stop censoring /pol/ for meaningless reasons.

Moot put your damn mods on a leash already. We fucking knew this would happen god damn it.
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Proofreading the FAQ

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Dear moot,

Please update your FAQ. Some of the items are outdated.

I have taken the liberty of pointing out what needs to be changed. You're welcome in advance.

Thanks in advance,

Your son
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