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What should be retro

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There has been a lot of arguing over whether or not the Dreamcast should be considered retro or not, and I have realized that both sides of the argument have very valid points. The Dreamcast fans are right in saying the gens are not a good way to say if something is retro or not, because retro means old and gens tend to overlap. Everyone else is right in saying that it's a slippery slop, if we make the Dreamcast retro it shows that the mods are willing to change the rules as far as what is retro and up next is the PS2 which was discontinued in 2013.

It has made me realize that the way /vr/ defines retro is wrong. Not only should it be about age and not gen, but it should also define when something becomes retro.

I say retro should not be defined by gen or when a console came out, but how old a specific game is. I purpose that all games that are 15 years old or older should be retro. Even though this wont make Dreamcast retro immediately, but it will set it up to become retro in the very near future (thus making it a good compromise). It will also stop any arguing about making other consoles retro after the Dreamcast becomes retro. I feel 15 is a good amount of time. 10 isn't old enough my 14 year old nephew has nostalgic memories of playing games that are 10 years old, and 20 is too old we want to try and keep most of what is already considered retro on /vr/ retro.
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/pol/lacks who dump huge amounts of "evidence".

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Sometimes, during a debate, some /pol/lacks (not just /pol/lacks, but they seem to be most fond of it) will take it upon themselves to spam links, pictures, infographics and quotes all over the place. How do you tackle this? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, as if you could complain about "too much evidence", but the problem is there's no way to read every single one, fact check it and look for criticisms, and then address it before the thread is pruned, there's simply too much. The even bigger problem is that the person you were debating will now just link to the post that's relevant to what he's saying and claim to have won, knowing full well there's no way you can address every single one without accepting them at face value.

How do you deal with people who do this? Do you just let it be?

gjge mod

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>get permabanned from /co/ for completely on-topic thread


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>go on /co/
>go on /v/
>go on /sp/
>seeing threads up that were there from last night
>everything's moving at a snail's pace

Since fucking with the post counters, everyone's apparently packed their bags and moved to Reddit
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Please hear me out on this.

As you know, there have been a lot of people using tripcodes just to shitpost.
You should make it that after a trip has been banned a few times, the trip becomes unusable therefore increasing the quality of the posts of each board. Anon won't be complaining about shitposting tripfags and contributing tripfags get attention for their quality posts, it's a win-win situation really.

Moot, mods, get to work!
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IDs on /q/

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m00t what the shit, my ID is the same in every thread
you might as well have forced a tripcode on me
this isn't hot
pic related it's you
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good job Poot

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>Ask for more and better moderation on boards
>instead moot just makes people post less
How long until he stop pretending he knows what he's doing


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>Short Story:

Remove the /co/ janitor.

>Long Story:

The images explains it with direct examples.

Some posts in that thread were violating rule 8 by outright complaining about moderation, but the fact that the /co/ janitor is severely abusing his power here cannot be argued.
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/jp/ Janitor

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Egomaniac /jp/ janitor refuses to delete NSFW content.

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be/g/in make prototipe

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did I miss out on something?