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Idiot mods

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So a story about video games is no longer related to video games? You should really consider getting some mods who aren't abortion survivors.
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McDouble General

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Can we get a McDonald's sticky on each board? The burgers are so delicious, we should let everybody share!
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Mark for the Janitors of each board

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I know that Janitors are not moderators, but still, they deserve something to distinguish them from the regular anons and tripfags how about a yellow or orange 4chan symbol next to their names??
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What is the nicest board? Is it /po/?

Split Up /ck/

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/ck/ has gotten to the point where its no fun anymore. I, and others, believe that posts only considering food itself like pic related ruin the level of discourse for a board which, for the most part, prefers discussion regarding food preparation. Now these casual threads about fast food and pizza have their place, to ban them out of existence would be rather harsh, but I do believe that there should be a separate space for these posters, who wish to talk about these banal meals that we can all relate to. That's why I'm proposing the idea that /ck/ be broken up into two boards. One board, with an emphasis on the food itself as opposed to preparation, would be called /fock/ and the other branch of /ck/ with its focus on cooking the food would be called /cock/.

What does /q/ think?

New Post Timer

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>waiting 60 seconds to post
Why? What's the point in making someone wait a whole minute to reply? This just slows down conversations.
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why cant i delete my thread im sure i used the correct deleition passowrd?
why do some mods play pranks on me and swap the pics i post with gay porn ive never seen or saved before?
why cant i post even after wateing 30 seconds after last reply?
where did iD'S on /b/ go?
why still no /loli/ boar?

/pol/ please leave /r9k/

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/pol/ please leave /r9k/ thank you
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/co/ biased mod

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So I saw this in a thread on /co/

This anon was banned for pic related


He says he went to IRC and got the ban revoked
>But... I wasn't even banned before. They even said I had no prior bans on IRC. The mod is just asshurt and/or fucking retarded. Probably both.

Why was this mod allowed to stay around? He's obviously the one responsible for allowing all the Korra spam on the board and is now banning people he is mad at? Who knows how many threads he's deleted or people he has banned because he didnt like or agree with them

The post by OP pointing this out was deleted as well, to cover up the mods erroneous act
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/tg/ Janitor

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Moot and mods the /tg/ janitor is going fucking crazy today is deleting clearly /tg/ related things.


Are among the few in the past 15 minutes. Can you rain in your dog?