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Cooldown for passes as well?

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If I buy a pass, can I post in 30 second intervalls again?
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Le downvoting mod

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Dear moot, I got banned for this, being considered off topic:


Anita lied about being a person that enjoys video games and that played them all her life. She is responsible for the biggest Kickstarter scam to this date.

No news sites are talking about this, save some boards. The video has only 100k views when it should have millions, pointing to the fact that most of her bakers don't even know that she lied yet.

What can /v/ do so the internet knows of this and news sites begin talking about it?

Don't delete this thread mods, do you fucking hate video games? This is a woman that influenced our industry a LOT and is the reason why all the feminism in video game got as big as it is right now, with even developers jumping to their ship.

Turns out she is a deceiver, and all the people that defended her need to know about this"

Please make your mods stop being content filters and let us decide which news are worthy discussing and which isn't.

Thank you. your mods suck
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Staff of /pol/: Attention please

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I would like to request that the moderators and janitors of /pol/ pick up their pace a little. We should not have threads like this (>>>/pol/20678109) with over 350 replies.

I know what has been said about simply reporting individual threads, and I have done that; but that is not the sole issue. The sliding at the moment is exceptionally fast; to the point where replied to threads immediately appear halfway down the catalogue screen.

I know the forum is raided constantly, so that must make your job more difficult; but please remain vigilant.

Song Request

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Request to make this song play in the background of /v/


Ban religious discussion from /pol/

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The sticky says:

>This board is for the discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics.

Religion doesn't belong in there.

Create a /skydaddy/ board, redirect it all to /x/, I don't care. It just must be banned from /pol/. And IMMEDIATELY, since autistic religious threads are filling up the front page.
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Thanks for not letting me delete my own threads.

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This is some real state-of-the-art shit you got here.

Fucking idiots.
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Feature requests

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1~ Click on Tripcode to highlight posts. Function would just be like ID's.
2~ Filters specific to board.
3~ Click on image file name to preserve file name

Example for 3
Anonymous 09/17/13(Tue)03:34 UTC-7 No.15087416 Replies:
File: 1379414076028.jpg-(6 KB, 404x89, Zwischenablage01.jpg)


I would want to click on "Zwischenablage01.jpg" to open the image with that file name preserved

4~ Floatable on the right
[All] [0] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] Catalog

That's all I have in mind, thanks or listening.
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janny's got a gun

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How about that feel when you keep getting muted by the janitor because you post opinions he doesn't like or post redirects in his threads but since you didn't actually break any rules you go unbanned?

Did moot know the janitors would use the muting feature as their own form of punishment to try and bend the userbase to their will?

I won't even complain about the janitor in general because as history proves nobody ever gives a shit.
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This delay is annoying and it really doesnt stop people from shit posting, all it does is slow down conversation
Change it back to 30 secs or 20
Why was the time extended?