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get your shekles back

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If you bought a 4chan pass before the 60 second post counter, go to the bank and get a chargeback now. It might not be too late if you bought recently.
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Board for art film/music/games

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/tv/ will list Bergman and Tarkovsky among their favorites while showing their true colors at any given time, discussing only kitsch trash and making any meaningful discussion about art film futile.

With /mu/ and /v/, discussion of art within their respective mediums is met with ridicule rather than indifference or false appeal. Although less common we gather in single threads and are bombarded with shit posting all around.

I ask that those with a lust for art, art that moves and awakens, have a board to call their own.

Another thread because a decision this dumb deserves as much attention as possible

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I sometimes tell somebody something in a thread. Sometimes, it is insignificant or a tad off-topic. Sometimes, they will even reply back to you. Sometimes, you have to post a quick reply back. Always, whenever this happens, I use sage because it isn't worth bumping the thread.

Guess what. I can't fucking do that shit anymore. I don't know what you were trying to achieve by this. People can drop in and leave a quick sage, and nothing else. But now that this is in place, I can't use sage the way it was meant to be used. All this is doing is hurting people who use it the right way, not the fucking /v/ermin who sage bomb shit.

Fix your fucking shit, moot.

How to Fix /r9k/ - Some suggestions

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- Change the board tag to "Original Content and Greentext" -
- A sticky thread that tells people to ask for advice on /adv/, post KPop generals on /mu/, /tv/ refugee threads on /s/, /pol/'s incendiary bullshit back to /pol/ and so on
- Increased moderation to remove derailing crap and shitposting
- Post IDs
- Is it possible to put Force-Anon on?
- What ever happened to the rule against putting "Bloxxx blox fartblox" at the end of all your posts? That doesn't seem to be enforced at all.
- Neither is Global Rule 3

Get back to me on this.
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Classic anime board?

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Classic anime threads on /a/ often get the canned response 'discussed to death' even if most of /a/s userbase is actually pretty recent and most likely don't know them, and those kind of threads usually sink into oblivion very fast due to tons of threads about contemporary stuff swamping them

Wouldn't it be more sensible to have a separate board for older anime (pre '95 or whatever) where those threads don't sink into oblivion so fast? Ther are many obscure anime that are very good, and this would get people a better way to get to know them and have interesting discussion(instead of on /a/ where you maybe missed a thread about some interesting old stuff because it dissappeared just a minute before you checked the catalogue).
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The hype train has no brakes

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Last month, in one of /vp/ hype days, someone made a suggestion here about putting a countdown on /vp/ for the release of the new games, since hype is just getting bigger each time and after the release the board will start to dull slowly, we'd like to enjoy it as much as possible, and it's less than a month left
Just trowing the idea out there, /q/ seems to be busy with other problems

c-c-c-comic sans

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>make font on /b/ comic sans
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Eternal /circlejerk/ general

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There should be two sport boards.

One for eternal circlejerk generals for all the tripfags to talk about traps, have yuro/USA flame wars, tripfag drama and le epic lad /b/antz.
Subsequently, there will be a board for actual sports discussions.

>implying /asp/ serves any purpose

Are you going to renew your 4chan Pass?

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Why or why not?

I figure a bunch of us got them when they first came out. I bet moot is curious how many people are going to reup.

Me, I'm not sure. A year ago, /sp/ was a lot more fun. I used to post on there a lot more, so a pass made sense. But now I hardly ever go one cause it's all eternal generals and the game threads are just spamming idiots. Also, the one minute cool down timer is going to limit my posting speed anyway.

If I new that /sp/ was going to get more lax moderation, and that the cool down timer would revert back to 30 seconds, I'd probably buy another pass.


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Please revert the post timer back to 30s for all boards under a certain speed. This can be discussed, but I suggest at least all boards under the 0.1 posts/s line.

Additionally, please do the same for /a/ and /co/ due to the importance of comic and manga storytimes on those boards.

Remember that this is a log scale, and the actual distance between boards increases the higher you go.