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/fk/... What the fuck is it, and what was it for?

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So moot, I was bored, and researching the site and stumbled across a list of site links and stuff. Among those links I found a board called /fk/ - For Kidz.
It only has one post on it though, and it's in the 5000's. So there must've been posts before it... What the fuck was it there for?
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spoiler tags for /asp/

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I don't care if I post this thread every day, I won't stop until at least a mod or moot reply, and give me a reason why we can't have them

On /asp/ we spend most of the time talking about professional wrestling, but people are fags and post spoilers all the fucking time, so please give us spoiler tags, Instead of letting board request, complaints over doubling the post wait time, and complaining about a ban; please just at least respond to this

how is /a/ culture still acceptable?

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I know it's anime related

but at face value /a/ is just the worst board next to /b/.

I guess it just goes to show how bad anime is with it's endless waifu/fetish/otaku pandering. Yes I know it's not all of /a/, actually what little there is to save /a/ are current on-going series, that have something to discuss, other than expressing their affectionness towards the people in the show.

And don't give that crap, that threads are actually decent if you go into them:
First of all it's still incredibly obnxoious, it's like tolerating retards and then see if they might get tired of being retards

Second, they are just full of this girls>this girl, pumping semen through someone, and just affectionness and similar shit.

And I have low standards towards for a board being fine.

What needs to be done:
Stricter moderating on which series get generals actually are allowed
What the OP actually contains, everything can't just be let go with a lewd picture, something do with a affection of a girl, and just let it go on with 500 posts

or just a new board in general.
the mentality is poor, and not everyone who like anime can really get with it

They are essentially acting snobby and elite, be presumptions, yet at the same time don't really have anything to back it, with being extremly primitive all the time with all their threads and all their little memes and categorizations.

I think /a/ would improve if they realize that they aren't the only anime board out there.
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Images getting mixed up

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I posted in a collage thread on /mu/ and pic related appeared. I did not select the wrong image. I do not even have porn on my computer.
A bit later I found the image on /hc/. It's possible that my image appeared instead of the porn image and the guy deleted his post as well and posted it again.
An interesting thing to note is the resolution. The collage was 1250x1000 and is still shown correct when the mixed up image is of a smaller resolution.

Please find out why this happened. It freaked the shit out of me.
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/pol/ needs moderation

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The sticky didn't do anything. The tide of shitposting has returned. Some examples of daily threads that don't belong on /pol/:

>holocaust being fake
>constant jew bashing
>nazi propaganda

/pol/ should be about POLITICS which means current events and news.

/pol/ raiding again

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yet again /pol/ raids /b/


half the commets are obvious /pol/tards using words like "shill" and calling people jews and redditors
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post timer

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>60 second post cooldown

Moot went full jew this time

We have to get rid of him. This fucking is running 4chan into the ground

When 2 people have a conversation on 4chan with the autoupdater, they can post way faster than 60 seconds. What's the fucking point of making me wait 60 seconds to reply to someone?

Fuck you moot. All your management decisions over the past year have been absolutely awful. Enjoy killing 4chan

Maximize 4chan revenues

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Why doesn't moot just make a 4chan pass costing $29.99/month to avoid the 60 second cooldown timer?
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The new waiting period to post

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Hello Moot, /co/ here, you know your middle child that you don't really pay attention too
Well dad, we are here to ask you to please change it back to the 30 seconds wait
We like to story time comics and with this new waiting period it will take forever to finish most comics
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