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Which advertiser is best advertiser?


There is no need for a 60 second post cooldown

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If it isn't broke, don't fix it.
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Why is every other thread on /tv/ about Breaking Bad?

The /got/ people were kind enough to pack their shitposting into a general, but the breaking bad people are spewing all over the place. Its a mess, and that is saying something as /tv/ is prone to diarrrheaaal bouts daily.

I have my theories as to why, but lets hear some feedback.

Change the post cooldown back to 30 seconds, please.

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And while you're at it, please hang, draw, and quarter whoever's idea it was to double the post cooldown time. This shit's ridiculous and completely prevents anything approaching a realtime conversation.
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What a fucking brilliant idea!

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Whoever thought it would be a good idea to double the post timer is a fucking genius.

What's the next step in your master plan, moot?

No timer for Pass users, perhaps? Just think, moot, you can samefag on /q/ and make it look like the idea came from the community, like you did with the "4chan Pass" idea.
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Certain threads on /b/.

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What are the rules about having threads on /b/ that obviously belong on other boards?

As far as I know there are no clear rules about threads on /b/ yet sometimes when someone starts a wallpaper thread for instance there will bea few people saying wallpaper threads do not belong on /b/.
Often the image I posted will be used as argument but nothing seems to be done against wallpaper/porn threads by janitors/mods.

Just today someone was trying to derail a wallpaper thread by avataring and posting large posts, his posts were at one point all deleted and he didn't post afterwards so I assume he got banned.
That means that a mod was aware of the thread but the thread wasn't deleted.

A few days ago a porn thread was publicly locked by moot with a post of him saying that "there is a board for porn".

It would be nice to get some kind of official clarification about such threads
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help me momm- i mean mods ;_;;;;

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Help me with my love life

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Ok i think i can post this here but idk if not tell me
Ok i like this girl and ive been teasing her about "having sex" for a while and she just laughs it off and then we talk. But i dont want to just joke around with her i want to be in a relationship. The thing is i dont know if i can just jump from joking about sex to can i have ur #.
Can u guys help me
Pic not related

/vg/ The Elder Scrolls General

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1-people taking pictures of their in-game characters asses in the nude or barely nude and posting them without text or just "butts"
2-blatant avatarfag using their character's face with in-game screenshots
3-role-playing and e-rp using their avatars with other avatar posters
4-fanfics & erotic fanfics; couple of namefags/avatarfags doing ridiculous off-topic stories of their own character and posting those stories in every single thread
5-shitposts about watersports, scat, pedophilia, beastiality, etc.
6-constant blogpost shit like "hey guys what are you having for lunch?" and other off-topic shit
7-waifu shit has been there for years but sometimes it gets ridiculous with waifufags telling people who are genuinely trying to talk about the lore, gameplay, mods, etc to shut up and/or fuck off
8-couple of people posting other people's info (address & pictures) and spamming the thread mocking other regular posters, derailing the thread with drama
9-Steam group drama and other bullshit like that; though this seems to have stopped in the last couple of weeks.
10-newfags get ran off by older posters with shitty elitist attitudes; the general has basically the same set of people for months or at least until one of those new posters endure through all the shit and sticks around

There is probably more but that's all I can list right now off the top of my head.
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