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4chan history

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Every once in a while I see someone claim that 4chan was, at some point in time, some kind of secret Something Awful goon club. People seem to be saying that, after /a/ was separated from /b/ (i.e. /b/ stopped being "anime/random"), /a/ and the other anime boards became "ADTRW: imageboard edition"; while /b/ became "FYAD: imageboard edition". However, when piecing things together from the available archived threads, my personal memory of 4chan, and a dash of common sense, this... doesn't really seem true.

First of all, I'll admit that I only started browsing 4chan 2 years into its life. But by that point, /b/ had already become a completely different beast. FYAD had its memes and /b/ had its ironic posts, but as a general rule, the two boards only seem to have been similar in a very superficial way; they were 'everything goes', wacky-zany random shitposting boards, but the actual nature of the random shitposting was very different. Looking at the SA archives, FYAD in 2003-2005 was, even back then, largely aiming for sarcasm, irony and satire, while /b/ was more 'let's post dumb shit for the hell of it while shitting on things we hate head-on'. FYAD was also the type of place that internet-detectived people like Shii for being 'anime pedos', and 'anime pedo' material was only posted on FYAD with a veil of irony and "heh, we're just making fun of the people who like this stuff for REAL". Meanwhile, /b/ was full of anime weirdos that didn't even try to hide it with irony.

Sure, I first came across /b/ 2 years into 4chan's life, but I also have this: http://web.archive.org/web/20031008225412/http://img.4chan.net/b/imgboard.htm - a very, VERY early /b/ from late 2003. Aside from trip/namefaggotry being accepted and very common back then, 2003 /b/ doesn't seem all that different from modern 4chan. It's already vastly, VASTLY different from 2003 FYAD-style posting. [continued in next post because lol character limit]
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4chan mobile unable to refresh

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Is this a known issue or am I the only one?

The update button doesn't seem to work on my phone and gives me a connection error message. Auto update doesn't print the message, but doesn't seem to update the posts anyway.

When I use the browser refresh everything updates fine obviously, but isn't too efficient sometimes when you're outside and your connection is slow as hell.

I've tried this on any browser and none of them could update. It used to work fine a few months ago.

How to save /v/

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Split it up. Some ideas:

>/pcg/ - PC gaming
>/vgn/ - gaming news
>/cel/ - celebrity news and gossip

That's just a start. It's so fast it needs to slow down. People want a forum to discuss their favorite youtuber (eg. Game dumps). Give them one. People want a forum to discuss console wars. Give them one.

You can't hope to delete all these threads. You can instead channel them elsewhere.
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"4chan actual, this is /k/, over."
"4chan actual, this is /k/, how copy?"
"4chan actual, /k/, be advised there has been a significgant news event. Our position is being overrun by /pol/ regulars. Repeat, /pol/ regulars in the open, position: /k/. Request fire mission to grid sector /k/. Expend all ordinance on our pos. Repeat: EXPEND ALL ORDNANCE ON OUR POSITION. Fire for effect. How copy, over?"
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Why no /cel/?

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This would fix so many boards. Why not?
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4chan inspired artwork and media

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Post stuff in this thread like pic related, or even poems that provide 4chan Feedback.

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50+ GTA V threads

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So there's 53 different GTAV threads on /v/ at this second alone.

When the fuck are they going to be kicked the fuck off to /vg/?!
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Board requests = board suggestions ?

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>These threads will be summarily ignored:
>1. Board requests.

Do 'board requests' equal 'board suggestions'?

Global rule against posting anime on non-anime boards

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Similar to the rule of not posting ponies outside of /mlp/, I think a rule against posting anime on /a/ and the other anime boards would be good.

Yes, I am aware that this was originally an anime site, but I don't get why a sports board or fitness board would need anime. In fact, the people who post anime inside these boards (and outside the anime boards) are all circlejerkers/shitposters, and thus don't contribute anything positive to the board. Seriously, there needs to be a rule keeping anime in the anime boards.
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all this over a children's cartoon

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>Rapeape babysitting a naruto thread for 4 hours
>people dedicated to shitposting and spamming a naruto thread for 4 hours
My god can we just stop this crap already? Over-moderation and this ridiculous hatebase needs to end already
Just stop wasting your time shitposting in naruto threads and discuss something you enjoy
Mods stop wasting so much time coddling naruto threads and moderate the rest of /a/ or the site

It's just a fucking manga about ninjas
Why is rapeape and /a/ so fucking retarded
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