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4chan tips

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ITT: We give new 4channers tips.

I'll start:
Always use a smartphone or mobile broadband to post. That way you can get a new IP address rapidly by disconnecting from and reconnecting to the network. This means:
- No waiting 60 seconds between posts
- No IDs to compromise your anonymity
- No being banned for absurd offenses like "posting a colorful pony"
On a smartphone, an easy way to do this is to turn airplane mode on and off. Be sure to change your password with each post, or the mods will use it to track you and delete your posts.


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I'm just want to show you guys that there is a jap jew who is making profit out of our threads. He gets mad cash by translating what we say in here.

>mfw japaneses can be jews
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Social Network and Internet Privacy Discussion

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Where would a thread like this fit? I know 4chan is not the place for serious discussion, I guess, but sometimes there are sparks of meaningful discussion about social networking and the Internet here, so I'm curious.

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Banning for illegal URLs

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If I might suggest, would it be possible to show the banned URL when someone gets banned for posting a link to it?

If you get banned for posting more than one link in a post, you have no idea which was the not-allowed one... unless there is a list somewhere. I could not find that however (and I suspect it's rather lengthy anyway).

I'm not arguing with the banning, I have seen the need--but it doesn't help ordinary posters much if the URL is kept secret.

Janitors encouraging racism?

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There was an obviously racist thread up on /v/, and I was absolutely disgusted by the replies. The fact that this was even a thread LIKE this on /v/ really got me mad.

So, I replied with the post you see in this picture. Now, you may argue, "ironic shitposting is still shitposting" HOWEVER, half the posts in the thread were already shitposts; even the thread itself was a way to get people riled up. Not only did I sage the thread, I also pointed out that it was racist, and hit reply.

You can imagine my surprise when I went to report the thread, and found that I had been banned for my post! I thought "well, it's just a one day ban. The whole thread is probably deleted too."

And then I clicked back, refresh, and the THREAD WAS STILL UP. The blatantly racist and rule breaking thread was still up. I would like to know exactly why the janitor thought thinks racism is okay.

>tl;dr: /v/ janitor silently encourages racism, requesting answer
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Illiterate Mods

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Is there any screening process at all for the mod position? You'd think a basic level of English comprehension would be a requirement.

Related: It's like you're encouraging a breach of containment.
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Ad on 4chan linking to stolen content for sale.

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>condoning the sale of stolen content

Someone is paying you 20$ to make a hell of a lot more than that off of content that was, for the most part, popularized by 4chan and was meant to be free. If someone wants "meme" items. They should make them their own goddamn self. I can believe someone looked at this ad and what it links to and thought it a good idea to put it on 4chan. You're supporting the "Reddit" mentality of recycling/stealing content and selling it for your own gain and giving no credit to the original authors.
And if you want to say that there is no original author to credit then go fuck yourself. This kind of content was created anonymously and meant to be used freely. Not sold for profit. Stop supporting these people. They are what are killing creativity on the internet.
I really hope that this was added by mistake. I know the ads can be used for just about anything up to and including "paying moot to troll the fuck out of a board" but this is too far. If moot is actually ok with something like this you might as well make 4chan a part of the cheezburger network and add some social networking buttons to the site.

Here is what that ad is linking to: http://www.unixstickers.com/meme-stickers?imt=1&utm_campaign=4chan_meme&utm_source=4chan&utm_medium=banner&utm_content=red_banner_meme

You should NOT be ok with this.
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Deleting sound threads on /v/

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Why the fuck would you guys ever delete sound threads?
There the only good thing about /v/ in its current state.
I hate you, mods.

Witch Hunt General

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So Animal Crossing threads get deleted to send them off to /vg/, but Pokemon threads are allowed to stay and hit the bump limit within an hour (even with the extended cooldown time)?

Something ain't right here.

Over 50 Breaking Bad threads.

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Breaking Bad faggots are ruining /tv/. They spam /tv/ every fucking week. Do something.
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