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why do wh*Tes hate immigrants and refugees? more wh*Te subhumans die from alcoholism( also traffic accidents related to this) , wh*Te on wh*Te violence , homosexuality (homos, trannies and lesbos suicide much more than heteros + they bear no children) , drugs (wh*Tes have drug epidemics that are worse than afghan heroin sniffers)

since wh*Tes are dying out and getting older the government has to fix this or the economies of wh*Te countries would collapse. wh*Te countries have been paying people welfare and child money in hopes of them breeding(since 80s) but they spend it on alcohol and drugs and keep the crisis going. people on welfare rather buy dogs and pay half of their welfare on dog food ROFL. so the government fixes it by taking refugees + immigrants

why every single wh*Te country has an anti immigration party but no party that targets the real causes of wh*Te subhuman decline? without immigrants wh*Tes would die out in a century and will be replaced by immigrants anyway

every single country that took refugees has benefited from it economically apart from countries that were already third world.

thats because of wh*Teoid money hoarding culture but i am not gonna get into that in this thread.
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Why do trans folx commit yeetus deletus?
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>the average 4channer in 2021
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Do you guys have any questions for me
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Is this true?

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>why do I always laugh at soijack posts is it low level schizophrenia

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Uh, theistbros?

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never forget weabs
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