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How to be a functional meth and/or cocaine user (notice how i said user and not abuser)
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>Bro can you w-watch where yo going?
>Im t-trying to get call of duty 65
>I ha-ave gotten no sleep in 5 days cause of it , bro.

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Seriously Americans?

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>they made an entire theme park because they like chocolate
Do Americans really?

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Is lee baiting dying? I see lee replying less and less to obvious bait now?
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yeah I'm thinking based
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I hate being such an autistic retard
Just fucking sperged in my final presentation
I am killing myself

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I will respond violently to anyone who attemps to enforce a mandatory vaccination on me in real life.
Glowniggers posting the glownigger meme won't intimidate me, this is where i draw the line.
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