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i dont get it

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New Markiplier kino.

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Issue with tommorow style

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In the catalog the drop down board navigation is white, but in a thread it is black. How can this be fixed?
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>look bro I'm telling you, I'm totally normal and human just like you, God does not exist man. The experts said that the big bang and like multiverse and something so basically that's why nothing became this massive universe trust me dude, what do you mean my True Form is manifesting behind me? Nonsense!
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Upcoming get >>4333333

l bet it'll be another win for redditbros
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Bitches will deny this
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Overrated garbage /tv/ likes

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-Star Wars (prequel trilogy)
-Lord of the Rings
-Star Trek
-Marvel Capeshit
-Subversive Grimdark Capeshit (wot if superman was evill)
-Prawn Stars

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