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The ban of caption threads on /d/

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/d/ here - could we get some answers from the janitors/mods about why porn with short captions/scenes written for them have been (apparently) banned from /d/ all of a sudden? There've been multiple caption threads on /d/ that have been shut down by mods/janitors in the last week or two and several /d/ posters have been banned for them (5 since this morning, and I think somewhere around 20-25 in the last week or two).

According to the 4chan ban records they were all been banned for violating Global Rule 6 (quality of posting), but there doesn't seem to be any violation of GR6 here: the images are /d/ content so they're on topic, the captions are all created by /d/ users so it's also OC, and most of the discussion in the thread has either been requests for new captions, constructive criticism on the OC that's been posted, and discussion of how to improve this type of content. Caption threads are also not a new thing - there have been irregular caption threads on /d/ since 2013 and they've only started being banned in the last week or two.

If this content is banned, we'd like some clarification from the mods/janitors as to why it's banned now and why it wasn't considered a global rule violation before now.
If the content isn't banned and it's just some janitor deleting shit they don't like, we'd like the mods to get them to cut it out.

Thank you.