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>biblically accurate angels
>soul vs soulless
>nintendo is the only developer making games not movies
>immersive sims
>gameplay loop
>____: a critique
>the rise and fall of ____
>a good ____ but a bad ____
>eceleb "drama"
>racing games
>so bad it's good
>board culture
>worker's rights
>story in a game is like story in a porn movie... It's not that important
>trust the science
>references to literature are pseudointellectual
>just let people enjoy things
>lesbians are based
>trans rights
>prostitution should be legalized
>its called being a decent human being
>fact checking
>board games
>popular bad - not popular good
>drugs should be legal
>male manipulator
>tv shows
>a fucking pandemic
>it's almost as if
>international laws
>antibullying laws
>true communism just hasn't been tried yet
>Pewdiepie said nigger, that means he's based!
>Black Lives Matter
>maybe, just maybe
>sexual assault
>educate yourself
>rape is bad even though women love it
>slice of life
>low key
>pirating indie games is immoral
>its fun with friends
>abortion is not a murder
>you don't shout fire in a crowded theater
>/tv/ is a bad board
>racism outside /b/ not allowed
>christianity/mormonism/scientology is just like a cult
>only aggressive niggers are bad
>who hurt you
>if you hate something, that means you actually like it
>old good - new bad
>I don't really care about politics, it makes me unhappy
>it's not rocket science
>wow, just wow
>reporting soijak spammers isnt reddit
>it's ok to watch cartoons as an adult
>jumpscares = bad
>John Wick
>literally me
>mental illness
>trope threads
>toxic masculinity
>reject modernity
>vote with your wallet
>it's ok to cry to movies