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Shaping /qa/ for the future

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I feel like /qa/ has become the UN of 4Chan with ambassadors from each board coming here to post. It started out as a nostalgic circle jerk (which I loved) but it's also beginning to take take shape as an overall 4Chan board were we can discuss things that would otherwise be of topic and ban-able on our home boards. Keeping it work safe is important as well.

I did see a rules thread but it was off in that it didn't address what /qa/ really is or wanted to be: questions and answers about 4Chan, general positive discussion, nostalgia and ambassador anons from other boards getting together to share the latest of what their board(s) are up to.

I think if we can give some general guidelines of our intentions and how to govern the board it will help make the job of the new mod(s) easier and giving our nascent board a better chance to succeed.
The fact that posting has been re-enabled is a huge step forward.

We already have an awesome tan that is the face of /qa/ and the ambassador to the rest of the site. Lets keep this board alive! This can be the first official act of the mod(s).