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Which eye colour is the most beautiful for girls?


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WikiHow Edition


thread question:
>your type
>what sort of advice would you give to a type of your choice?

previous thread: >>63641347
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I can't take anymore blackpills. It's legitimately fucking destroying me. I can't even escape it, everyone is a depressed, suicidal asshole that are eager to drop truth bombs.
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letter thread

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write to them with initials <3
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Is being a 5/10 bad?

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I dont have anyone to share this with

I got a kitten recently I named Beretta

I was depressed but its just seem to have gone while Im furloughed Ive spend time playing with him and watching him roam my house
He brings me massive joy and Im happy to spend my money on expensive foods toys and other stuff for him

He has quite figuratively erased most of my sad thoughts and I love this cat

I just wanted to share


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Spending your weekend dribbling out the same dire shit on /britfeel/ just like any other day edition
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When was the first time you got drunk?
i have never been drunk
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Would it be preferable to pay a (female) hooker to fuck her, or to use grindr to fuck for free?