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I am being in hospital right now and there is one 5/10 girl who gives me looks and circles around.

What would you do in that situation?

I am sooper scared even look at her, not to say talk

34 yo love-shy virgin
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Holy shit the world is actually so fucked. The Covid variants are going to shit on our lives. It's going to keep mutating forever and ever until the human race goes extinct. We're actually going to see the end of the world, soon, any year now.

Why the fuck was I allowed to be born? Why the fuck didn't our selfish fucking parents even consider for a minute that life is fundamentally fucked? There's actually no reason to not kill myself right now. I could take a bullet to the mouth right now and it will improve my life substantially.

I am not okay.
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>Find something I can finally wank to after hours of searching
>Decide to scroll down just to read some comments since there's a few
>Comments are so cringe I can feel my dick shrinki with each word I read.

Why are people like this? Why do they feel the need to drop a comment as stupid as "uwu I wish it was me getting fucked until cum leak from my ass and I'm a cum dumpster"?

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Whenever I try to stand with a perfect posture it literally fucking hurts
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Thoughts on this movie?
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