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Are zoomer girls even capable of this?

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Being a supportive wife, a caring mother, a good housewife.
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What is your excuse for being an incel?

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Fembots, do you have a strong preference on cut vs uncut cock?
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Creative /r9k/ General

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Come share your creative stuff in this thread
Here's a rap song I wrote
I know I shouldn't share it in OP but I want to to save me posting twice sue me
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So many anons in their 20s and 30s have given up finding a good woman for them to be with. That seems so ridiculous. Do you really think it's hopeless for you?
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Did anyone ever manage to debunk a single point in this philosophical treatise, /r9k/?
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WikiHow Edition


thread question:
>your type
>what sort of advice would you give to a type of your choice?

previous thread: >>63641347
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If you dont have hunter eyes as a man, its over.
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Bros, how do I stop jerking off to BBC porn
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