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>tfw you send money to your findomme
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>be a hikki woman
>act really weird and anxious
>brown delivery man asks if i am ok and where do i work mockingly

why must normies keep harassing me i just want to be left alone
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If you dont have hunter eyes as a man, its over.
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>rejected a cheerleader because she was a virgin even though i was too, i was just trying to be cool
>rejected a cute thicc girl because she was my friend's sister even though he kept telling me to go for it
>rejected a cute hispanic girl who gave me her number at a store because i thought she was going to rob me
>rejected a girl a hot white girl at the beach who grabbed me and made me sit with her friends because i thought they were tricking me into doing something
>rejected cute asian girl who invited me to watch anime at her house when her parents were out of town because i was trying to be a gentlemen and not a creepy perv
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21yo khv neet without online and irl friends
is it over for me?

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>genetic dead end
How do I cope?
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I love it when my boyfriend corrects me. When he says "well actually" (all the time), it makes me more attracted to him.
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Its over for springcels
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This piece of shit zoomer garbage ruined this board. You fucking retards don't post anymore because you're all busy being manipulated by e-girls on discord.
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What went wrong with conservative women?
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