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Is there even a point to relationships?
Every normalfag friend I have ends up hating their significant other after less than a year together and they seem to only be in it because they'd rather be with someone than be by themselves.
Can normies not be alone with their thoughts? Do they have to use people to simply get thru the day?
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I just found out that her bf is black :(
God I wish I was black
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letter thread

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write to them with initials <3
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Waifu General #484 - /waifu/

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Waifu's sleepy face in the morning edition

Previous thread
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I love it when my boyfriend corrects me. When he says "well actually" (all the time), it makes me more attracted to him.
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Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me as schemes trying to defraud me regards as terrorism at me the United States Government made me the King a Military General having judge powers I'm white I'm God my name is Eric I have omniscience I have to say the United States Government is my property I'm not scheme encrypting I can read it defrauding me I'm revealing a preview of a prototype of my scientific volume introducing the reality in reality of my omniscience my wives of my omniscience have fair use of referencing it the United States Government can print up to a sextillion without it causing hyperinflation I made the United States of America the most wealthiest in history cause of my omniscience
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Tfw not living with Moira in Megaton.
Why even live

Who would you live with in vidya world?
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Why don't you go for a long distance relationship? Anyone can get one, assuming you are white and have a job. That's it.


Your mom wants grandchildren. Go help her out, won't you?

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When was the first time you got drunk?
i have never been drunk
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I miss the early-mid-late 2000s and early 2010s

The Asian girls all seemed like perfect waifus and im pretty sure girls were less slutty and we didnt have Instagram and shit. Fuck me
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