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Laugh at the militant straightedgers edition

Last thread OD'd:

Why do the other autists on this board seeth about drug use?
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Psychiatrist ruined my life

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i see this psychiatrist for 3 years
he prescribe me baby pills that dont work
and fatt pills that make me gain 60lbs in 3 years
i hate him

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>get accepted into university with majority female students (70-80%)
>Two third of my class is females
>Move into a 8 person dorm, I am the only male
>They sometimes cook food in their pyjamas in the kitchen
>Make Friends with everyone in class and the dorm
>Live like this for 2 years
>Still a kissless handholdless virgin

Sometimes not even the perfect conditions are enough to overcome severe autism.
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Is it weird that even though I'm pretty much straight, I occasionally have times where I fantasise about how hot it'd be to get ass raped in prison by a black guy?

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why don't you jus get a black qt3.14 gf>?
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I'm not gay because I jerk off to hung shemales. If I fapped to sissy shit that would be extremely gay

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Daily reminder that if you are not using adderall you're never going to fit in with the rest of the world. Everyone is using adderalls nowadays. The modern life is literally engineered for stimulant usage. The homework assignments you get, office job you have or everything in between, they're all catered for people with superior concentration, aka adderall users. More than half of Ivy League students have used adderall, and the number keeps going up and up... Bottom line is, take adderall.
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forced to make yet another picrew thread

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i come back from a 24 hour hiatus to zero picrew threads
im very disappointed in you guys.
rate and make assumptions
i tried to find a good one this time, hope this works
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Tfw not living with Moira in Megaton.
Why even live

Who would you live with in vidya world?
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I just found out that her bf is black :(
God I wish I was black
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