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>Have successful relationship for almost 6 months
>gf gets kicked out
>parents wont let her stay with me
>she starts living with her ex
>mad uncomfortable with it but pretend i dont care so i dont seem immature
>she breaks up with me after like a week of living with her ex
>she immediately get with her ex
why is it that whenever i give girls the benefit of the doubt it always fucks me over

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Trying to grow past 20. My plan uber eats walking to unfuse those growth plates. Then 3 cups of milk with vitamin d every day. Gonna go from 5'3" to 7' in a couple months

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Im too fucked to do anything anymore

>parents lived out on a farm
>got so fucking boring there was nothing to do but lay in bed and hide from the shitty westher
>got weed off dnm and local colleges and shit
>just sat around smoking weed doing nothing all day
>now ive moved but literally all I know is laying down and smoking weed
>I used to be normal like go to six flags and drive to shit hang out with friends go to the gym

I think the loneliness permanently fucked my brain. I do just enough work to survive and then smoke weed and hide

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would you rather wipe your butt with steel wool or sandpaper?
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I genuinely don't think there has been a single female person who browsed this board, ever. If you're a fembot seeing this thread, you're literally obligated to post your tits with a timestamp. If you don't post it then your mom and dad (along with everyone you care about) will die today. (Uno reverse card can't reverse this curse)

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Would girls date guys with an underbite? Asking for a freind

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>tfw you send money to your findomme
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What went wrong with conservative women?
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