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Rei is running late to school: Day 654
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Would it be preferable to pay a (female) hooker to fuck her, or to use grindr to fuck for free?

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When did 4chans sense of humor go from "lol XD random" to sarcasm and cynicism?
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why are men so obsessed with sex?

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"There's so much I could have done! [...] I was hot shit, I could have fucked anybody and I didn't."

what, is she supposed to thank him for "only" cheating once?
it makes no sense to me
can you guys explain?
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The friendzone does not exist

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Doing things for someone with the hope to get sex out of someone is NOT nice

You are not as nice as you think you are.
Being nice is not a personality, its the bare fucking minimum for human interaction.

The friendzone does not exist.

And finally, my favorite.

Women dont owe you sex.
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21yo khv neet without online and irl friends
is it over for me?

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I haven't had sex in 6 years AMA
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