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ITT: Moments that obliterated your self esteem forever

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>be like 13
>on xbox with friends
>party chat
>talking about something or other
>friend says 'anon you're always talking, you never shut the fuck up'
>become borderline mute at school because of this
>went from being talkative and outgoing to quiet and introverted
>now terrified of talking too much in case I annoy people so now I just barely talk


>in HS
>girl kinda likes me
>friend finds out and literally looks at me and says 'how could a girl like HIM?'


>walking into school one day
>chav girl stood outside school talking to chav guys
>as I'm walking past she looks at me and says to her friends: 'ew he looks like a shrivelled up rat'

That one was probably the worse. It's such a horrible thing to say about someone you don't know