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Fuck sad panda.

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>dude muh secret club lmao
>dude just register and jump through all these hoops
>dude you gotta be active on the forum and be a registered user for 8 months to be allowed to use the site
>dude nevermind all the content being available instantly for free everywhere else with better UI and Tags just use us cuz all the cool kids use it lmao
I cannot describe my joy anons. I fucking hate this website and always have. This is like an early christmas gift for me you have no idea. Just yesterday some anon was bragging that he joined early on for sadpanda and didn't have to wait. NOW YOU'RE GONNA BE WAITING FOREVER FAGGOT. AHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHA. Oh jesus this is just too good. Porn should always be free. I don't mean money. I mean don't waste my fucking time. Tsumino gang. Nhentai gang. Pururin Gang
Press S to spit on sadpanda's grave.