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Creative methods to get a gf and/or sex

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Let's discuss some alternative strategies for getting a gf. Let's think outside the box and do some creative brainstorming.
My first idea is horse girls. I have a fringe interest in horses and can tell you that there are like 10 women for every man in any horse community. Owning a (potentially small and cheap part stake in) a horse, taking some riding classes, working at a stable, owning a stable, or otherwise being connected to the horse world is a sure fire way of getting a gf. Every guy I know in the community is taken.
Additional pros
>the girls are all autistic and care a lot less about normal woman drama/lifestyle.
>the girls are often rich as fuck, it's one of the most realistic ways a woman will date a man who is poorer than her.
>it works way the fuck out in the country where it's typically harder to get laid
>can be a fun and rewarding hobby
>a billion desperate (and poor) single moms with horse daughters will be on you like fucking crazy
For real, the last one is insane. Horses are fairly expensive, and horse girls are autistic-schreechingly enthusiastic about horses. Single moms are in a bad spot here. They will give you plenty of sex just so their daughters can see a horse for a little bit and stop their bitching. It's a thing.
>the girls often have mental issues, they are often outcasts who replace a social life/friends with horses.
>can be expensive