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blackbot with the blues

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just realised that if all blacks like me disappeared, the quality of life in the world would actually increase.

yes, some parts like sports and media wouldnt be the same but thats a small price to pay for much safer western countries, no endless amount of money spent on aid, no suffering across the african continent due to war, famine, disease. the amount of excuses made for them is unreal.

we're a net negative on this earth i wish it werent true but the 'good ones' dont even begin to make up for the bad ones.

every country we enter in large numbers sees a spike incrimes and a decrease in their iq. we dont actually have the brain power to succeed on a societal scale, 80%+ of iq is hereditary so we're locked in to this fate.

even if i were to excel in every way and people say im one of the 'good ones' it'll just mask the problem.

life is suffering.