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Dating is Retarded

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>be me, 26
>decent job, getting into shape, self improving
>extremely lonely
>decide to open myself up to dating
>meet this girl who is going to university
>take her on a relatively cheap date
>drive her home, then go home
>she seems like a decent person
>next date, take her to a much nicer place
>same thing happens
>do this two more times
>we're a little drunk
>decide to come in with her
>she stops me
>things get a little weird
>ask if we're even dating
>she laughs in my face and says of course not
>says she doesn't really know yet
>just walk away
>go about my normal life for like a month
>get a call from her asking what happened
>what the fuck
>she's upset that I ghosted her
>tell her we aren't dating and not to call me again
>get calls and texts from her for like a month
>it's becomes progressively insane
>she starts making all sorts of wild accusations, crying on the phone, begging me to-
>hang up again
>few months later
>heard she flunked out of school and moved back home
Dating is fucking awful. Fuck this shit, I'm happy being alone again. Fuck women.