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Do clerics have to like their god?

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Seems like in the real world, there were at least a few gods that were worshiped, but wasn't liked. (Hades comes to mind immediately, but it seemed like the Judaeo-Christian God ruled mostly by fear in the beginning.) I've tried a few times to play a cleric who worshiped their god either out of fear, circumstance, or obligation, but they always get shot down because "Clerics are servants of their gods, so must love them." which never made any sense to me.

If you were running a game or had a player in your party who wanted a relationship like that, would you allow it or call bullshit? How do you feel about the concept? Google has failed in getting me answers in that regard.
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How would you do it?
Greek style is an island of them...
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If I lived in the 40k universe, I'd want to fight for the Greater Good

Saying this as a human
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Paizo Games General /pgg/

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Paizo Games General /pgg/


Gigantic monsters edition
>Have you or your PCs ever fought extremely large enemies?

/pfg/ (pathfinder 1e) link repository: https://pastebin.com/RSt0rF0T
/p2g/ (pathfinder 2e) link repository: https://pastebin.com/1zySxwm3
/sfg/ (starfinder) link repository: https://pastebin.com/5yp9s2U3
/3eg/ (D&D 3.X) link repository: https://pastebin.com/VMRsxB2m

Previous Thread: >>79080996
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If angels can fall and become fiends does that mean that devils can redeem and become celestial? After all, some devils started out as mortal souls. What are some acts that could path a devil on the path to redemption? It wouldnt be one or two grand acts of goodness but a long road of small decisions in my mind.
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A setting where the only spells available normally are Prestidigitation, Thaumatheurgy and/or Druidcraft?

Lets Fill a Brothel!

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Well I should of expected this in all honesty.
My players wanted asked me to do a city/tavern management style game.
Basic premise it that the party all got scammed into buying a small abandoned/infested village instead of mansion, and the first things these fuckers want to do is open up a Whore house.
I know that they still want combat so some multipart quests to obtain higher profile whores would be fun. But I've got no clue on what kind quests would have the reward being people volunteering to work at a whore house. It's not an Evil Campaign so no enslaved workers.
I've made a system for ranking the hoes loosely based on gacha games and the yakuza hostess minigame.

4 Base stats
[Looks] Sexy, Cute, Beautiful
[Stature] Giant, Average, Shortstack
[Demeanor] Dominate, Submissive
[Race] Elf's, Dwarfs, Humans, etc.

There is gonna be up to 5 Stars of quality for the hoes and 3 levels for their attributes

[Level 3] [Level 2] ◎ [Level 1] ▢
5 Star Units have 1 , 3 ◎, and 2 ▢
4 Star Units have 4 ◎ and 1 ▢
3 Star Units have 3 ◎ and 1 ▢
2 Star Units have 2 ◎ and 2 ▢
1 Star Units have 3 ▢
Lets make some Hoes
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Utility Powers

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Most powers and abilities in RPGs are strictly for use in combat. Do you know any systems with good utility abilities?
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What kind of magic best fits dwarves?
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