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/40krpg/ Warhammer 40k RPG General

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>Some books from dustanon

>Bestiary, armoury, weapon quality and NPC database

>Offline Combined Armory (v6.48.161023)

>Curated youtube playlists

>Make your maps look just like FFGs

>Wrath and Glory errata (2021):

>FFG Forum Archive:

>Homebrew Collection (April 2021):

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Thread Question: What is the most mind-boggling, horrifying revelation that you or your characters discovered over the course of a game?
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What type of superstitions would there be in a Sci-Fi space game?

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Two of the most superstitious people on this planet are sailors and astronauts. Therefore a Sci-Fi space game would naturally have entire spaceship crew refusing to even budge their ship an inch without going through a 12-step ritual for good luck and safety.
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Headless Riders Edition

Tell us about your horror settings, games, etc. Share inspirational art, prompts, etc.

>List of games:
Call of Cthulhu, Chill, Cold and Dark, Degenesis, Delta Green, Don't Rest Your Head, Dread, Esoterrorists/Fear Itself+Book of Unremitting Horror, Fall of Delta Green, GORE, Into The Shadows, KULT, Little Fears, Mothership RPG, Nemesis (free on Arc Dream's website), Nights Black Agents, Silent Legions (Mostly for the tables), Stalker: The SciFi RPG, Symbaroum, Ten Candles, Trail of Cthulhu, Unisystem (All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Witchcraft, Conspiracy X, etc.), Unknown Armies

>Inspirational stuff:
Caitlin R Kiernan, Castlevania, Doomwatch, Fear & Hunger, George Romero, Ghostwatch, House of Leaves, I Am In Eskew, John Carpenter, Kolchak the Nightstalker, Laird Barron, M.R. James, Nick Cutter, Old Gods of Appalachia, Quatermass, Ramsey Campbell, Remedy Series (Alan Wake, Control), SCP Foundation, Scarfolk Council, Shaun Hutson, Silent Hill, Stand Still Stay Silent, The Evil Dead, The Magnus Archives, The Secret World, The Stone Tapes, Thomas Ligotti, Twin Peaks, Vault of Evil forums, toomuchhorrorfiction

Other News:
Degenesis is currently free on the sixmorevodka website V4.

Questions for the thread:
>Do you use mythology in your horror games?
>If so, do you change anything to make it fit the atmosphere of the game or do you leave it as is?
>What part of any mythology do you think works best in a horror setting?

Questions for Horrorverse refugees:
>Thoughts on common mythological creatures (fairies, ogres, trolls, wisps, yokai, etc) in horror?
>What mythological creature creeps you out the most?

Previous Thread: >>80119555

Please try to keep arguing to a minimum. Don't respond to bait/drama posts.
And as usual, try and keep it alive, or at least undead.
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Yokai - keeping it weird

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So I want to run a game about Yokai, and I don't want it to devolve into classic fantasy equivalence like all the games publishers half-ass. You know, Oni = Orcs, Gaki = Goblins etc.

Any tips on keeping things off-beat, mystic and weird? I was thinking of running in a system where investigation and mental fortitude/courage are more important than killing everything, like Call of Cthulu. Obviously the charmer above will make a guest appearance.
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/5eg/ Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General

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Action Economy Friendly Edition

>UA: Mages of Strixhaven


>Stable releases

http://pastebin.com/X1TFNxck (bad, outdated list)

>Free Homebrew

>Free Maps

>Useful Quick Reference

Is there a better way of moving your allies around mid-combat then grabbing and dragging them by the neck?
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Kingmaker 5e?

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So, am spinning up a Kingmaker conversion for 5e, as the DM. I have the following questions:
-How good is Strongholds and Followers for replacing Pathfinder's kingdom-building rules?
-Do I need Kingdoms and Warfare? From what I've heard it's bad
-Exactly how much work is already done for me- i.e. are there any publicly-available homebrew conversions for encounters and whatnot, or am I on my own until Paizo finally releases the 5e Bestiary?
-Do you guys have any tips for someone running Kingmaker for the first time?
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/travgen/ - Traveller General

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Traveller is a classic science fiction system first released in 1977. In its original release it was a general purpose SF system, but a setting was soon developed called The Third Imperium, based on classic space opera tropes of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, with a slight noir tint.

Though it can support a wide range of game types, the classic campaign involves a group of retired veterans tooling around in a spaceship, taking whatever jobs they can find in a desperate bid to stay in business, a la Firefly or Cowboy Bebop. Mercenary campaigns are also common and well-supported.

Fair warning: it is an old-school game with old-school sensibilities; newer players might have issues with it. Grognards will consider this a feature rather than a bug.


Library Data: Master Archive:
rebrand <dot> ly /Traveller
Got a PDF to add? /DropOff
(Name it "*-notclean" if you suspect it has watermarks.)

Galactic Maps:

http://zhodani.space/ [<--- New link; old link at http://zho.berka.com/ still works for now.]

Traveller General Homebrew:
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What's your favorite resource for making cities? Fantasy Cities, Sci-fi cities, It doesn't matter. Random Encounters, Busniesses, Holidays, NPCs, Festivals, Guilds... all that good shit.

Jumpchain CYOA Thread #4571: Greek Mythology Edition

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