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Warhammer Fantasy General: Bolgorg Edition

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Who is he? What is he? Why am I repeating this tagline?


WFRP: delayed until some point in july. no news

TOMB KINGS ARE BACK FOR 1 WEEK(at least setra and khalida, get them here if you don't trust chinacast
> Resources (Rules, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Role-play)
WFB: https://pastebin.com/2EJLZq7a (embed)
WFRP: https://pastebin.com/NX6t6eYa (embed)
Novels: https://pastebin.com/t5kdcfVm (embed)

>Alternative Warhammer Miniatures and Manufacturers
https://pastebin.com/WQTJDtUV (embed)

>Warhammer Wikis

>Warhammer Video Games.
https://pastebin.com/396cm1Jp (embed)

Previous Thread >>60824800

Do you intend to run WFRP 4e right when it comes out?