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Mad Science

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There was a time back in the day when to the common man and popular media science was basically magic. "Scientists" were unhinged lunatics experimenting with that which man was not meant to know, one spilled vial or insane experiment away from destroying the world as we know it through their delusional pursuit of knowledge for its own amoral sake.

Now, you might argue some people see it like that today, but for the most part people acknowledge science and the scientific method as normal and not alchemy and witchcraft with extra steps. There's a lot less maniacal cackling and misshapen abominations than the men of that age conceived of. In short, its actually way more boring. But mad science, that cultural conception of it which existed during the beginnings of the modern age, is a really fascinating concept to explore and use in games for me. I have science and wizardry function more like a spectrum. The difference between a witch brewing potions and a scientist using a centrifuge are blurry at best. Even mundane things born of seemingly rational thought are suspect. What is an arrow? A rod of tree flesh, given feathers of a bird and a beak of stone? That's a homunculus if you ask me.