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Lets Fill a Brothel!

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Well I should of expected this in all honesty.
My players wanted asked me to do a city/tavern management style game.
Basic premise it that the party all got scammed into buying a small abandoned/infested village instead of mansion, and the first things these fuckers want to do is open up a Whore house.
I know that they still want combat so some multipart quests to obtain higher profile whores would be fun. But I've got no clue on what kind quests would have the reward being people volunteering to work at a whore house. It's not an Evil Campaign so no enslaved workers.
I've made a system for ranking the hoes loosely based on gacha games and the yakuza hostess minigame.

4 Base stats
[Looks] Sexy, Cute, Beautiful
[Stature] Giant, Average, Shortstack
[Demeanor] Dominate, Submissive
[Race] Elf's, Dwarfs, Humans, etc.

There is gonna be up to 5 Stars of quality for the hoes and 3 levels for their attributes

[Level 3] [Level 2] ◎ [Level 1] ▢
5 Star Units have 1 , 3 ◎, and 2 ▢
4 Star Units have 4 ◎ and 1 ▢
3 Star Units have 3 ◎ and 1 ▢
2 Star Units have 2 ◎ and 2 ▢
1 Star Units have 3 ▢
Lets make some Hoes