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/stas/ - Stop Thinking About Sex! Ass to Ass edition
A very specific drawthread where we draw and ask for ridiculously voluptuous ladies in a simplistic artstyle asking us to stop thinking about sex. Surely this is going to help us recovering sex addicts, right? Same rules as a normal drawthread apply here.

Previous thread:

The original STAS Gigathread:

MEGA collection

The man that started it all:
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Been a while since we had a nice pumping thread, hasn't it?
Well, start pumping to those phat donks~!
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FATE Sluts

Talk about Type-moon sluts you like, or want to be. Talk about what you want to do with them or want to be done to you. Or just simply have fun posting pictures and discussing why you like it.

Previous: >>38341112
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post irl bbws you chubby chaser, plump pusher, slob searcher bastards.
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It's time for a Bunday thread.

Have you been thinking of any bunny in particular?
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/Scat-Piss General/ #142

Big Messes Edition

OC, edit, writefags and what have you welcome! Related stuff like farts and diapers also welcome, but they also have their own threads.

Archive (Old): https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/%22scat%20thread%22/type/op/
Archive (New): https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/%22%2FScat-Piss%20General%2F%22/type/op/

Last Thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/38170648
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/FGSG/- Fighting Game Slutposting General

Cow edition

For posting all your favorite fighting sluts, ERP, lewdposting, or just helping anons get off! All is encouraged!
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inkplasm/kiwihermit/welwraith thread

feel free to leak their shit so that their simps cry about it, and so that inkplasm malds over it because they stalk /trash/ for leaks. old shit welcome, new shit welcome.
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