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/fesg/ - Fire Emblem Slutposting General

Sacramental edition

Discuss, RP as, or fuck your favorite Fire Emblem Women(or men)!

Lewd FE Flash Game Archive

Image Downloading Tools For Aspiring Sluts

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/ftt/ - Fapping Together Thread
Post lewds and talk about fappin' or schlickin'

Succ edition

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/scaly/ - Scaly General #906

Post lewd reptiles and discuss scaly stuff, male or female is fine. Dragons, wyverns, lizards, snakes, and reptile-folk such as kobolds and Argonians are welcome, on top of other things with scales like sharks as well. Anthros, ferals and human/scaly are allowed, but please, no monstergirls. As some may take a few creative liberties on their creations, do inquire if there's a particular edge case you're unsure about.


>Lurking or just reading the FAQ before posting is encouraged.
>Anatomy arguments never go anywhere, don't bother instigating one.
>Before asking for a source, consider looking into the tips under resources to help find what you're looking for.
>Please avoid reposting images from the last few threads to keep the latest more fresh.
>There is no Discord server, don't ask.


Scaly Smut - Many lewd lizard writings
Misc Resources - Source finding and other fun stuff
FAQ - Common questions already answered

You are free to contribute to either, simply reply and post the information.
Did you miss something? You can find all previous threads here:


This thread's featured image warned you to watch for gators.

Topic of the thread: If you could go to a zoo or reptile room to check out reptiles for a day free, would you go?
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/slt/ "Second Life, Kitty Wife" edition
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/vtsg/ Vtuber Slutposting General
Bimbo Threesome Edition

Previous Thread
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Rouge the fuckmeat thread

Come get your bat booba. Other lesser mobians also allowed.
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